Yamaha to Partner European Union of Music Competitions for Youth

23/9/2014 [Società]

Supporting Musical Talent

EMCY is a key organisation in the development and co-ordination of youth music competitions and since 1970, thousands of young musicians under the age of 25 have participated each year in competitions which reach large audiences throughout Europe.

EMCY believes that music competitions stimulate passionate musicianship and it stands for fairness and high quality music as well as the support of talented youth and the European cooperation. Through a variety of concerts and tours all over Europe, EMCY promotes highly talented young musicians who are at the outset of their professional careers.

Providing the perfect platform for young musicians to experience a number of different aspects of performance, competitions drive young musicians to explore new dimensions of musicianship and to perform outside of their normal comfort zones in pursuit of excellence.

Yamaha’s philosophy is built upon a commitment to supporting a number different aspects of youth music. The partnership with EMCY is a fantastic way through which Yamaha can promote these fantastic experiences and help to nurture talented young musicians.

For more information about the European Union of Music Competitions for Youth visit www.emcy.org.

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