Yamaha Releases the New DXS18 Powered Subwoofer

10/8/2015 [Audio professionale]

Shizuoka, Japan, August 10th, 2015 – Yamaha is pleased to announce the mid-summer release of the newest addition to the DXS Series of powered subwoofers, the DXS18. The new model builds on the established design ethic of its predecessors, the DXS12 and DXS15, improving cabinet construction, DSP processing, protection functions, and crossover control, as well as offering new, flexible features and higher power output suitable for larger or more professional applications.

Powered by a 1020W Class-D amplifier, and an 18” woofer with a durable 4” voice coil housed in a sturdy band-pass type plywood enclosure, the DXS18 is able to deliver an impressive 136 dB maximum SPL, and an extended LF response down to 32Hz, with exceptional clarity and minimal distortion. Yamaha's proprietary DSP technology adds flexibility to your DXS18 setup and sound with original D-XSUB processing for additional control of the low frequency range via three selectable modes— NORMAL, BOOST and XTENDED LF, as well as a selectable crossover with three different options (80/100/120Hz) for various applications. Also featured is a Cardioid Mode setting for sound systems with two or more DXS18 speakers, effectively reducing the SPL of bass directed towards the stage while increasing the bass levels directed at the intended audience.

Advanced protection circuits in the speaker unit, amplifier unit and power supply that ensure optimum reliability and extended equipment life, while the enclosure's exterior is coated with an extremely durable LINE-X® finish, giving the speaker additional protection from outside elements and duress. The DXS18 also comes equipped with both M20 and 35mm pole sockets allowing for more flexible set up, while an optional wheel kit is also available for improved portability. Yamaha even offers optional speaker covers with a functional design that protect from unfavorable weather, storage, and travel conditions.

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Il nuovo DXS 18 raggiunge il migliore SPL della sua linea pari 136dB e produce la frequenza più bassa pari a 32Hz. Dotato di una struttura passa banda e di un’elevata potenza per la gestione del voice coil da 4 pollici che guida il woofer da 18 pollici, l’amplificatore di classe D produce 1020W di potenza con una chiarezza e una potenza eccezionali.

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