Jordan Hastings


Since pummeling his first toy set to pieces as a 6-year-old, Jordan Hastings’ journey behind the kit has been strewn with impressive and enviable musical milestones. He cut his teeth in touring bands throughout his high-school years, signed to a major label while still in his teens, and ultimately took to some of the world’s most revered recording studios and iconic stages as a member of multiple platinum-selling rock outfits.

Currently, he’s approaching two decades with Canada’s almighty Alexisonfire, helping define the band’s impactful sonic identity with a signature style that sways effortlessly from pristinely delicate to urgently powerful. That’s atop a successful stint recording and touring with Billy Talent for over five years, which only recently ended so he could anchor his focus on AOF and his bandmates.

“I’ve got a pretty wide spectrum when it comes to music and have always been open to different influence and approaches,” Hastings muses – an attribute that contributes to his deep and dynamic prowess as a drummer, songwriter, and producer.

Whether infused in a project of his own or one he’s asked to elevate in the studio, Jordan Hastings’ musical DNA runs deep, adding a distinct and distinguished character across the board.