Zoran Dzorlev


Zoran Dzorlev

Zoran Dzorlev, Professor of violin and Director of DMBUC (music and ballet school) Ilija Nikolovski –Luj, Skopje was born on 10 Jan. 1967 in Strumica.

He studied violin starting at the Elementary School, later he continued to study music at the High School of DMBUC in Llija Nikolovski – Luj, Skopje.

Dzorlev graduated in 1989 at the Faculty of Music with his instrument violin.

He worked for the orchestra of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet for 14 years, the last 3 years in the position of Vice Concert Maestro.

As a Vice Concert Maestro he participates at the Youth Chamber Orchestra of MMM, under the direction of Prof. Maestro Fimco Muratovski.

He is a member of the Macedonian Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Vanco Cavdarski and is as well a member of several other well-known Chamber Orchestras, like the Macedonian Philharmonics.

Moreover he is a member of the popular Folk Orchestra of MRTV (the Macedonian National TV).

Since 2000 until now he is Professor for violin of the DMBUC.

He has taken part in a lot of recitals in Macedonia and had internationally a lot of appearances with the Macedonian Philharmonics, Chamber Orchestra, String Trios, Quartets and Quintets.

Zoran Dzorlev has won a number of awards in different contests. In his career he has won the first, second and third price in state contests for violin and state contests for chamber music.

As a president of the board of directors of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet he participates in the final defining of the work programme.

He takes part in seminars with Prof. M. Jashvili, V. Tretjakov, Cugaeva, DavidKamhi, D. Mihajlovic, B.Dimcevski and others; and actively takes part in educative classes with Prof. Jashvili, Kamhi, Dimcevski.

The last few years he is known for his remakes of Macedonian popular and folk compositions, movie compositions, jazz, ethno themes and performing the same.