Yamaha Serves Great Sound At Buddha Restaurant & Sushi

Magni Restaurant and Sushi, developed in the Buddha Room in Fondi, Italy, is a new restaurant, where diners can enjoy the best sushi, an extended menu and a wide range of drinks. As well as a great dining experience, owner Magni Gianmaria wanted to make sure guests enjoy the highest quality music. A Yamaha audio system was chosen to serve excellent sound.

Buddha Restaurant & Sushi is divided into two areas, the main dining room and a dancefloor with performance area, including DJ booth. Mr Magni contacted Michele and Riccardo de Simeone at Sperlonga-based Remix Sound, who knew a Yamaha system would provide the perfect balance between the two areas.

“When Mr. Magni described his idea for the project and what he wanted us to achieve with the audio system, I had no doubts about what to propose,” says Michele. “It was obvious that four Yamaha IF2208 two-way, full-range speakers plus two DXS15XLF powered subwoofers would deliver the desired combination of clarity and power in the dancefloor area. In the restaurant area, four of the excellent VXS5 surface mount speakers would provide the desired coverage and complement the main system, thanks to their highly musical sound.”

Three of Yamaha’s versatile PX5 power amplifiers were installed to power the system, which is managed by an MTX3 matrix processor. It is controlled by a DCP4V4S surface mount control panel and Yamaha’s Wireless DCP iOS/Android app.

The new venue opened just before Christmas 2021, with the four DJs who performed on the first night all saying how impressed they were with the system.

“I'm used to mixing in various London clubs, here it's like being at home.” - Ricky Morrison.

“I enjoyed mixing in this venue. Everything I played was amplified in the right way and the audience really appreciated the quality.” - Giandomenico Di Vito.

“I brought my sound from New York to Italy and, thanks to Mr Magni's experience and the expertise of Remix Multimedia, I knew I would find the right system here.” - Joe Doppio.

“I knew the qualities of Yamaha speakers, but not to this extent!” - Enrico Santamaria.

As well as DJ sets, Remix Sound designed the system to amplify a wide range of live music styles, ensuring Buddha Restaurant & Sushi can host any type of performance to entertain its guests.

“We were able to install a system which would deliver excellent sound quality at both low and high volumes,” says Michele. “The sound quality, versatility of the system and reliable, easy to use design of the equipment were all connected by one thing: Yamaha.”

Fondi, Italy

Serie VXS

La serie VXS è composta da due modelli ad ampia gamma e due subwoofer, permettendovi di scegliere il modello ideale per una particolare applicazione e, se necessario, combinarlo con un subwoofer per locali che richiedono bassi più profondi.

Serie PX

Gli amplificatori versatili della serie PX uniscono un processing intelligente con un'alta potenza per venire incontro alle esigenze di una lunga serie di contesti di amplificazione.

Serie Installation

Preferiti da professionisti e tecnici competenti, questi diffusorii presentano un design a fase uniforme e un suono corrispondente, anche tra modelli differenti - per garantire semplicità di installazione e regolazione.

Serie DXS

La serie DXS è una serie di subwoofer compatti e leggeri, con una potente amplificazione che si accoppiano perfettamente con i diffusori amplificati ad ampia gamma DXR e DBR.

Serie MTX

I processori a matrice della serie MTX sono dotati di funzioni flessibili per il processing che sono essenziali per una vasta gamma di applicazioni.

Pannello di Controllo

I telecomandi dedicati per i dispositivi delle serie MTX/MRX e MA/PA.

DCP Wireless

Il DCP Wireless è una applicazione per Apple iPhone/iPod touch/iPad che fornisce un controllo remoto del Yamaha Matrix Processor serie MTX e Yamaha Signal Processor MRX7-D.