Yamaha Delivers Perfect Holiday Soundtracks At The Senses Club

Located in Fondi, on Italy’s west coast, the Holiday Village resort overlooks a sandy beach, surrounded by dunes and lush Mediterranean vegetation. A Yamaha audio system was recently chosen to equip The Senses Club, which gives guests an exclusively high quality entertainment experience.

Resort owner Paolo Maio wanted to create a live venue which would perfectly complement the ambience and setting of The Holiday Village. His son, Alessandro Maio, created The Senses Club to ‘gratify its audience with unique moments of rare quality.’ That quality would be reflected throughout the venue, including furnishings, food, drink and, of course, entertainment. With a variety of music, from smooth jazz to DJ sets, a sound reinforcement system that could reproduce all styles in equally high quality was essential.

Paolo and Alessandro contacted Sperlonga-based Remix Multimedia srl, who recommended a Yamaha audio solution. “They chose to entrust the project and installation of the audio technology to us, thanks to our professionalism and ability to always find the right relationship between the quality and price of the products we offer,” says Remix Multimedia’s Riccardo De Simone.

Riccardo and technical specialist Michele De Simone specified a multipurpose Yamaha audio system, featuring main sound reinforcement by CZR10 and CZR15 two-way speakers, with CXS18-XLF extended low frequency subwoofers, all supplied in white to match the furnishings of the Senses Club, powered by three PX8 and three PX10 two-channel power amplifiers.

Artist monitoring is by DZR12 bi-amped loudspeakers and DXS15mkII powered subwoofers, with a Yamaha MusicCast WCX-50 wireless streaming pre-amplifier supplying streamed audio. System management and control is by an MTX5-D matrix processor with Yamaha’s Wireless DCP iOS app and a DCP4V4S surface-mount panel to give staff simple push button or smartphone control of their sophisticated audio system.

“Artists and venue staff have told us that working with sound at the quality the Yamaha system delivers makes everything much more pleasant and relaxing,” says Riccardo. “For us as a supplier and systems integrator, Yamaha's CZR and DZR speakers also make it much simpler to design systems which combine the efficiency, quality and value for money that our customers demand.”

Fondi, Italy


Una gamma di diffusori passivi con una grande tenuta in potenza e una prestazione sonora eccezionale in un progetto portabile, leggero, ma robusto. L'accoppiamento ideale con i subwoofer passivi della serie CXS XLF può migliorare le prestazioni sulle basse frequenze del vostro sistema portandolo a 29Hz per poter riprodurre bassi pulsanti di sicuro impatto.

Serie PX

Gli amplificatori versatili della serie PX uniscono un processing intelligente con un'alta potenza per venire incontro alle esigenze di una lunga serie di contesti di amplificazione.


I modelli principali dei diffusori amplificati ad alta resa uniscono un processore DSP intelligente a 96kHz e una regolazione FIR-X avanzata con i migliori amplificatori da 2000W in classe D. È disponibile il subwoofer bass-reflex della serie DXS XLF. Il nostro primo modello equipaggiato con Dante garantisce una perfetta integrazione con le console digitali.

Serie MTX

I processori a matrice della serie MTX sono dotati di funzioni flessibili per il processing che sono essenziali per una vasta gamma di applicazioni.

Pannello di Controllo

I telecomandi dedicati per i dispositivi delle serie MTX/MRX e MA/PA.

DCP Wireless

Il DCP Wireless è una applicazione per Apple iPhone/iPod touch/iPad che fornisce un controllo remoto del Yamaha Matrix Processor serie MTX e Yamaha Signal Processor MRX7-D.