NEXO Updates NS-1 System Software to Integrate Yamaha Speaker Systems and AFC Design Assistant

September 13, 2022 – Hamamatsu, Japan

Yamaha and NEXO S.A. are pleased to announce the latest version of NEXO’s NS-1 system configuration and simulation software. It now supports a wide range of Yamaha professional audio speakers and includes AFC Design Assistant, which works closely with Yamaha’s AFC Image to deliver high end immersive audio.

NS-1 is a powerful, intuitive system configuration and simulation tool which allows users of NEXO speaker systems to optimize performance and ensure uniform SPL coverage. Utilized by audio system designers around the world, NS-1 is regularly updated to enhance its functions.

NS-1 Version 4 is another significant step forward, now supporting many Yamaha professional audio speakers, from VXL line array, VXS surface mount and VXC ceiling speakers to the CZR, CHR, CBR and CXS ranges of speakers and subwoofers. The Yamaha speaker data includes all the necessary information, such as maximum SPL, giving system designers the tools they need to choose from a much greater range of NEXO and Yamaha speakers for different applications.

This latest update also includes AFC Design Assistant, giving NEXO users the resources to work with Yamaha’s AFC Image immersive audio systems.

Yamaha Active Field Control (AFC) technology can completely change acoustic environments at the touch of a button, for example turning an acoustically dead space into a reverberant cavern or cathedral. Recently AFC has been expanded to included AFC Enhance for reverberation control and AFC Image for sound image control. Together they can create any acoustic environment imaginable.

Immersive audio requires very precise speaker implementation to achieve its goal. When the user specifies parameters such as venue dimensions, stage dimensions and aisle width, AFC Design Assistant provides the necessary guidelines for the required number and placement of speakers to provide a full immersive audio experience for an entire audience. When the system design is complete, the design file can be exported from NS-1 and imported to AFC Image Editor, making the whole process from studio design through to venue performance as quick, easy and accurate as possible.

“NEXO and Yamaha have already worked closely together to develop a range of products, including the NEXO NXAMP powered TD controller and Yamaha DXR series loudspeakers. With this latest collaboration we have taken another big step forward and are very happy that NS-1 Version 4 is now available, after many hours of in-depth discussions and work by the respective development teams,” says Tadashi Morikawa, Project Manager of Immersive Sound Systems, Pro Audio Division at Yamaha. “We strongly believe this will bring a distinct advantage to everyone in the world of immersive audio who uses NEXO and Yamaha products.”

Francois Deffarges, NEXO’s Engineering Support Director, adds, “We have collaborated very closely with the Yamaha R&D team over the years to bring new solutions to the market, so that devices like NXAMP, as well as CL / QL / RIVAGE PM digital mixing systems and ProVisionaire remote control and monitoring software interface in a very natural and straightforward way. It's clear that Version 4 of our NS-1 software will help to significantly increase the users and partners that we can work with. We are very pleased with the direction that NEXO and Yamaha are going forward in together.”


Active Field Control (AFC) is an acoustic conditioning system designed to adjust and enhance the sound of a space while making use of the natural acoustic properties of the existing structure.

Supported models


Una gamma di diffusori passivi con una grande tenuta in potenza e una prestazione sonora eccezionale in un progetto portabile, leggero, ma robusto. L'accoppiamento ideale con i subwoofer passivi della serie CXS XLF può migliorare le prestazioni sulle basse frequenze del vostro sistema portandolo a 29Hz per poter riprodurre bassi pulsanti di sicuro impatto.

Yamaha Loudspeakers CHR Series

Serie CHR

I diffusori della serie CHR offrono versatilità e qualità premium con una gamma di tre diversi modelli dotati di cabinet in multistrato ottimizzati per offrire prestazioni eccezionali in un'ampia gamma di tipologie di amplificazione sonora.

Serie CBR

Gli altoparlanti versatili della serie CBR Series producono performance dall’audio sorprendente per una vasta gamma di applicazioni incluse suono front-of-house, floor monitoring o installazioni.

Serie VXL

I diffusori della serie VXL line array offrono una combinazione unica di qualità sonora eccellente e forma sottile che è ideale per un'ampia gamma di situazioni.

Serie VXS

La serie VXS è composta da due modelli ad ampia gamma e due subwoofer, permettendovi di scegliere il modello ideale per una particolare applicazione e, se necessario, combinarlo con un subwoofer per locali che richiedono bassi più profondi.

Serie VXS "modello F"

I diffusori da parete compatti VXS-F offrono un design piacevole e discreto e una regolazione del suono raffinata per musica di sottofondo di qualità in contesti eleganti.

Serie VXS "modello M"

Il modello M della serie VXS unisce un design e un suono sofisticato in un diffusore da parete compatto che darà un contributo significativo al locale più raffinato ed elegante.

Serie VXS "modello S"

I "modelli S" della serie VXS sono subwoofer che completano idealmente il suono naturale dei diffusori della serie VXS e VXC.

Serie VXC

La serie VXC offre tre diverse dimensioni di woofer che permettono di scegliere il diffusore più adatto per il vostro locale.

Yamaha Low-profile ceiling speaker VXC Series "F model"

Serie VXC "modello F"

I diffusori da parete VXC-F vi permettono di semplificare l'installazione e di integrare efficacemente un audio di qualità in un ristorante, negozio, o ambiente professionale.

Yamaha Ceiling subwoofer VXC Series "S model"

VXC Series "S model"

VXC series "S models" are ceiling subwoofers that ideally complement the expressive natural sound of VXS and VXC series speakers without spoiling interior design.