Hybrid Meeting Focus - Yamaha Solves Changing Conferencing Needs


With hybrid working commonplace in the post-pandemic world, many businesses are updating their conference systems to make sure meeting participants enjoy the most productive experience. At Kagome Co., Ltd, Yamaha’s CS-800 video sound bar is the perfect solution for the company’s changing conferencing needs.

Kagome Co., Ltd is a Japanese grower, manufacturer and distributor of tomato-based foods, as well as fruit and vegetable juices. It has chosen Yamaha for its video conferencing technology, because it offers a broad line-up of products which is clearly organized by usage scenario. This allows Kagome Co., Ltd, as it says, “to choose and place the right device at the right time, in the right place, and in the right way.”

Yamaha conferencing products are very easy to use, with the minimum number of controls and the ability to clearly pick up voices, even if the receiver is not precisely placed, as well as offering widespread availability and straightforward repair.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, hybrid working by staff at Kagome Co., Ltd’s headquarters has become more common and the company has been increasing the number of meeting spaces that support videoconferencing. Currently utilising 38 CS-700 video sound collaboration systems, 10 YVC-1000, 61 YVC-300, 13 YVC-330 and 18 YVC-200 speakerphones for hybrid work environments, it is important that the systems deliver a consistent, reliable feed when people are using them for meetings in a variety of situations.

However, one notable change has been that, previously, meetings would often have many participants. But as hybrid working has become more commonplace, there are often only one or two participants using the videoconferencing system. The company felt that there were now many more situations where a wide view of the whole space made meetings feel impersonal.

A consistent feel is very important in a hybrid work environment, where meetings can take place in a variety of closed or open spaces. Kagome Co., Ltd adopted the Yamaha CS-800 video sound bar because the video camera has an automatic zoom function, which focuses on the people in the room and makes meetings feel more personal.

The sound quality has also been improved, while the smaller chassis, connection to a display with a single USB cable and ease of operation allow participants to focus solely on the content of the meeting, wherever the system is being used.

Even small things - like the display automatically turning on/off, the remote control easily being used as a mute button and featuring a button battery, meaning there is no worry about batteries leaking - have made a difference to the company.

The CS-800 is designed for very straightforward use, with its user-friendly operation, natural sound quality and design creating an environment where staff can concentrate completely on their meetings, while for remote participants there is a much more personal feel.


Yamaha CS-800


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