Sky High Quality - Complementing Fine Dining With Fine Sound

Located on the rooftop of Centec Tower in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, Shri Lifestyle Dining allows diners to admire great views of the city, while enjoying the best in fine dining and musical entertainment. A new Yamaha audio system delivers the best quality audio atmosphere.

Shri Lifestyle Dining is a pioneer of music and culinary experiences in Vietnam. First opened in 2010, it describes itself as “the first rooftop restaurant that meets international service standards in Ho Chi Minh City.” It quickly became a very popular location and has always aimed to deliver the best musical and culinary experience, with nightly live and DJ performances.

The owners recently asked Mr Nguyen Than, CEO of systems integrator and supplier Prosound Center Vietnam, to design, supply and install a high quality system to distribute the sound of performances throughout the restaurant and its outdoor terrace.

"As a complete culinary and music experience venue, very high standards of design, construction and sound performance were specified. As well as needing to sound and look great, with Ho Chi Minh City’s tropical climate, it had to be extremely reliable for long-term operation and to maximise the client’s return on investment,” he says.

Mr Than specified a Yamaha system, comprising 10 VXS8, two-way surface-mount speakers and five VXS10S subwoofers for the indoor dining area, driven by five PX5 amplifiers. For the outdoor terrace, 10 two-way, bi-amped DZR10 powered loudspeakers and four DXS15-XLF powered subwoofers were installed. Performances are mixed on a DM3 digital mixing console, with a pair of bi-amped DHR12M powered monitors for artists.

“Yamaha has pursued the philosophy of True Sound for many years and this system brings that quality and precision to diners at Shri Lifestyle Dining, perfectly complementing the fine dining and stunning location that this unique space offers,” says Mr Than.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM3 Standard

DM3 Standard

The portable DM3 Standard compact digital mixing console features versatile capabilities that make it perfect for a wide range of applications. The DM3 Standard offers superb sound quality, fast and easy setup and operation, and professional-level features.


I modelli principali dei diffusori amplificati ad alta resa uniscono un processore DSP intelligente a 96kHz e una regolazione FIR-X avanzata con i migliori amplificatori da 2000W in classe D. È disponibile il subwoofer bass-reflex della serie DXS XLF. Il nostro primo modello equipaggiato con Dante garantisce una perfetta integrazione con le console digitali.

Yamaha Powered Loudspeakers DHR Series

Serie DHR

I diffusori amplificati della serie DHR offrono versatilità e qualità premium in una gamma di tre modelli con potenza fino a 1.000 W in Classe D. Dotati di cabinet legno multistrato e funzionalità esclusive, sono diffusori ottimizzati per offrire prestazioni eccezionali in un'ampia gamma di applicazioni.

Serie VXS

La serie VXS è composta da due modelli ad ampia gamma e due subwoofer, permettendovi di scegliere il modello ideale per una particolare applicazione e, se necessario, combinarlo con un subwoofer per locali che richiedono bassi più profondi.

Serie PX

Gli amplificatori versatili della serie PX uniscono un processing intelligente con un'alta potenza per venire incontro alle esigenze di una lunga serie di contesti di amplificazione.