Firmware and Software

We are currently testing the compatibility of Yamaha products with computer operating systems. The compatibility information for each product will be regularly updated on this chart, please see the chart below in order to see the current support status of each product.

Nome OS Dimensione Ultimo aggiornamento
DM7 Editor V1.5.4 for Mac macOS 14, 13, 12, 11 (Intel/Apple silicon) Mac 93.9MB 2024-07-16
DM7 Editor V1.5.4 for Win 11/10 Win 89.2MB 2024-07-16
DM7 Firmware V1.54 Win 158.5MB 2024-07-16
SWP2 Firmware V2.03.21 - 47.4MB 2024-07-11
SWR2310 Firmware V2.04.17 50.5MB 2024-07-11
SWR2311P Firmware V2.02.30 51.4MB 2024-07-11
SWX2320 Firmware V2.05.16 54.4MB 2024-07-11
SWX3220 Firmware V4.02.16 60.2MB 2024-07-11
PX Series Firmware V1.65 390KB 2024-06-19
DZR / DXS XLF Series Firmware V1.4.0 / V1.4.1 6.5MB 2024-06-12
ProVisionaire Control PLUS V1.0.0 / ProVisionaire Kiosk V1.0.0 for Win 11/10 Win 390.1MB 2024-06-12
ProVisionaire Design V1.2.0 for Win 11/10 and firmware Win 635.2MB 2024-06-12
ProVisionaire Edge V1.2.0 for Win11/10 Win 409MB 2024-06-12
Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V2.1.7 for Windows 11/10 (64-bit) Win 4.6MB 2024-05-16
Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V3.1.7 for Mac macOS 14/13/12/11(Intel/Apple silicon) Mac 12.3MB 2024-05-16
DM3 Editor V2.0.0 for Mac macOS 14, 13, 12, 11 (Intel/Apple silicon) Mac 24.5MB 2024-05-16
DM3 Editor V2.0.0 for Win 11/10 Win 24.8MB 2024-05-16
DM3 Firmware V2.00 - 174.1MB 2024-05-16
DM7 Editor V1.5.3 for Mac macOS 14, 13, 12, 11 (Intel/Apple silicon) (Previous version) Mac 93.9MB 2024-04-25
DM7 Editor V1.5.3 for Win 11/10 (Previous version) Win 89.2MB 2024-04-25
DM7 Firmware V1.53 (Previous version) Win 163MB 2024-04-25
AG08 Controller V1.5.0 for macOS 14-10.15(Intel/Apple silicon) Mac 153.9MB 2024-02-29
AG08 Controller V1.5.0 for Windows 11/10 (64-bit) Win 89.1MB 2024-02-29
ADECIA Firmware V2.5.0 - 310.5MB 2024-02-20
RM Device Finder V2.5.0 - 32.6MB 2024-02-20
RM-CG Firmware V2.5.0 - 53.2MB 2024-02-20
RM-TT Firmware V2.5.0 - 52.4MB 2024-02-20
RM-W Firmware V2.0.6 - 143.8MB 2024-02-20
SWR2311P-10G V2.02.29 (for easy RADIUS security configuration) - 49.5MB 2024-02-20
VXL1-16P Firmware V2.5.0 45.6MB 2024-02-20