There is no room for mistakes or faulty equipment in the world of broadcasting. Regardless of the size of the studio, the equipment used there must be top-quality and thoroughly reliable. For over half a century Yamaha has provided equipment to a wide range of audio production environments where failure is not an option, and continues to receive high acclaim for its unwavering reliability. The wide-spread use of our equipment in mission-critical environments is the real testimony to its reliability. Our lineup of compact, multifunctional, and highly user-friendly products has more than enough features and ensures the best performance even in settings with limited space like a small studio or OB van.

Unwavering reliability and high quality

If you want to be able to keep broadcasting without incident and ensure everything goes like it is supposed to, your equipment must be thoroughly reliable. Yamaha audio equipment has a proven track record of stable operation over extended periods. Its high quality will also save you money in operational costs, including maintenance, and with Yamaha’s worldwide service network, you can remain worry-free even in an emergency.

More compact, more function

Yamaha’s digital consoles see widespread use in broadcasting. Although compact, they boast a wide range of features and a surprising amount of input and output channels for their size and are also equipped with functions specifically designed for broadcasting and other convenient features. The new DM7 series can be further optimized for broadcasting by installing the optional Broadcast Package. Dugan Automixer makes talk shows and on-location broadcasts simpler and more dependable.

Flexibility and connectivity

Another reason people choose Yamaha’s audio equipment is its interconnectivity with different types of audio networks, MADI, and AES/EBU. Our digital mixers and processors are equipped with I/O cards to make it easy to connect to different formats. Yamaha equipment also integrates seamlessly with existing systems. Our digital mixers can be used to monitor and control wireless microphones made by other companies like Shure, Sennheiser, and Sony. Another advantage of our mixers is their outstanding system extendibility and user-friendliness.

Application Examples

Studio live production

Studio live production

This is a system for recording and broadcasting live performances in a network studio. The DM7C is compact but capable of mixing 72 channels. The optional Broadcast Package software allows you to use Mix Minus functionality, and to monitor with a loudness meter.

Small audio broadcasting studio

Small audio broadcasting studio

This is a studio mainly used for recording and broadcasting talk shows, like a radio studio. The compact DM3 digital mixer is equipped with plenty of inputs and outputs. You can build a flexible and scalable system centered around the DM3 by connecting it to surrounding equipment via the Dante audio network.

OB Van

OB Van

The wide range of controls and Broadcast Package on the compact size of DM7 provide audio mixing capabilities with a variety of functions, including 5.1 Surround mixing, monitor control, and an Audio Follow Video function that ties audio to video by following tally signals via GPI. Enjoy flexible connectivity through conversion to different formats enabled by a Dante backbone network.

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