Whether you're holding hybrid meetings, or meeting in-person, high-quality audio systems have become essential to boost employee productivity and efficiency. Whatever the size or purpose of your workspace, develop new ideas and inspire lively discussions in any room by using the correct technology to help maintain focus - allowing everyone to contribute to the best of their abilities.

Yamaha has taken over a century of knowledge with music-related specializations, and has used this to create versatile yet user-friendly audio environments for companies and businesses, with a focus on sound quality, connectivity, and expandability.

Flexible solutions that facilitate smooth communication

Meeting space requirements vary from room to room, but a common need for every area is to facilitate smooth, noise-free communication and effortless collaboration. For this to happen, the correct audio system is essential.

More Business, Less Troubleshooting

Your audio system can be highly advanced, but that doesn’t mean that operating it has to be difficult. Our solutions ensure that all the complex operations are simplified, allowing users to concentrate on their actual work.

Simple user interfaces and smart functionality maintains focus on your meeting, not the technology.

Tools to Streamline your Install

Many of our systems have intuitive designs, and powerful tools to help you get the right sound during install, without wasting time.

The available tools can help you get up and running sooner, with less hassle - and the advanced features can begin to benefit you immediately.

Application Examples

Conferencing (Large)

Conferencing (Large)

It is very important that all participants hear the presenter clearly. A voice lift system can be flexibly adapted to a room with depth by installing additional ceiling speakers. So this system is suitable for large rooms where sound needs to be amplified.

Multi Purpose Room

Multi Purpose Room

Multi-purpose conference rooms often undergo layout changes. The ADECIA Wireless Solution is the best choice for multi-purpose meeting rooms subject to frequent layout changes. Wireless microphones can be positioned as appropriate for the person speaking, allowing sound to be captured clearly.



Time is of the essence for meeting participants in the boardroom. The ADECIA Ceiling Solution, which automatically follows the person speaking, eliminates the preparation work required to accommodate layout changes or increased/decreased numbers of people, so that meetings can start smoothly.

Huddle Space

Huddle Space

Ambient noise can interfere with meetings and lead to information leaks. The CS-500’s unique SoundCap Eye feature tracks the position and speech of participants to properly pick up sound.

Natural teleconferencing can be achieved even in open spaces and other noisy environments.

Hybrid (Divisible) Space

Hybrid (Divisible) Space

Even when dividing or merging multiple meeting rooms, the ADECIA Ceiling Solution can be configured to adapt to changes in room layout. Presets can be recalled, commands can be send for automation in the space, and the built-in room divider feature makes simple work of sharing audio resources between the different areas.

Presentation Room (Large) with an Operator

Presentation Room (Large) with An Operator

Constructing a system centered on a Dante-compatible mixer also allows flexible support for venues such as auditoriums. Then choosing speakers such as the DHR series - you can benefit from both high sound quality and powerful output, with optimal coverage. The system is kept simple, but the performance remains high.

Presentation Room (Large)

Presentation Room (Large)

Combining a rack-mounted DSP, with simple tablet control, and efficient line-array speakers. This system idea ensures that everyone is heard clearly, and that presentations can flow smoothly, even without an operator. Flexible microphone options allow you either wireless or wired solutions to get the best performance.

Portable Live Sound

Portable Live Sound

The STAGEPAS 600BT is ideal for a simple, portable audio solution for smaller sized indoor or outdoor environments. This compact all-in-one sound system supports a variety of applications, from presentations and town-hall meetings through to music performances.

It features an intuitive interface that users with limited, or even no sound reinforcement experience can operate easily. In this example we've combined the STAGEPAS600BT with a small subwoofer to give some extra impact to your event. There are smaller and larger versions of STAGEPAS to suit different applications - so be sure to check out the other options!

SoundCap Eye™ Technology

Check out how "SoundCap Eye™", works to distinguish and pickup voices vs. ambient noise utilizing the camera and audio technology.

Face Focus Beamforming

Check out how “Face Focus Beamforming” function brings the smooth collaboration even at an open and noisy environment.

ADECIA - Introduction

Learn more from Jenny, your guide through the ADECIA world.


With new and ever-changing communication requirements, one thing remains the same: the need for high-quality, worry-free audio for collaboration.


Learn different features and Compare RM-Wireless microphones to get the right microphones for your usage.

RM-TT auto voice tracking

Learn about microphone directivity options and auto voice tracking.

DM3 Series: Simply Do More

Take a guided tour of Yamaha's DM3: a new series of compact digital mixing consoles that simply let you do more!

VXL Series Speaker

VXL series slim line array speakers offer a unique combination of outstanding sound quality and slim form that is ideal for a variety of environments.

MTX/MRX MRX Overview

MTX/MRX series are designed primarily for multi-zone commercial installation and are equipped with flexible processing functions that are essential to a wide variety of application.


More Practical. More Professional. More Powerful


When it comes to portable live sound solutions, it doesn't get any better than STAGEPAS.


An introduction to ProVisionaire suite of system design, control and management software, which allows fully customisable configuration and operation of complex audio systems.

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