Modern learning is more digitally focused than ever - and this type of learning calls for the correct technology choices to get the best results. Yamaha provides a wide range of audio solutions that perform effortlessly and dependably to maintain focus on your lessons, and to avoid distractions.

We offer flexible audio environments tailored to the size and purpose of a space, whether it’s a small classroom or large hall that can accommodate artistic performances or events. Yamaha is in a unique position to offer ideal solutions based on years of experience developing industry standard audio and network products, as well as creating design proposals for theaters and other venues.

Professional audio technology that supports hybrid lessons

Noise-free, crystal-clear sound is imperative not only in the classroom, but also for remote students. Yamaha's deep knowledge of audio allows us to provide high performance solutions for hybrid lessons.

Advanced Technology, Simple Operation

Yamaha's advanced design allows for effortless use of your audio system. Embrace more learning, and less distractions, by using our solutions.


Yamaha's technologies use open standards to allow the broadest compatibility with different learning platforms. We are also certified for use with a number of the world's most-used communications suites.

Small Classroom

Small Classroom

Even a smaller classroom needs the right tools, so that the teacher can be heard and understood clearly. Solutions such as the YVC-1000 provide you with a simple and flexible way to connect to students. Whether the students are in the room, or joining as part of a hybrid class. The YVC-1000 ensures that everyone is heard.

Mid-Sized Classroom


If you're providing distance learning, you can use an ADECIA solution to provide a professional sound environment in your classroom, keeping the system easy for every teacher to use.

With two RM-CG ceiling Microphones you can cover 100m², and the VXL1-16P speakers offer clarity and projection to cover wider areas whilst minimising unwanted reverberations. The whole solution is powered over ethernet, and can be easily checked and adjusted from anywhere on campus, using the built-in web interface.

Lecture Hall

Lecture Hall

A Lecture Hall requires a custom solution - something with enhanced performance over a greater area. All students should be able to hear, and to contribute where needed.

This example combines Yamaha's ADECIA conferencing solution with an expanded speaker system to cover all areas of the lecture theatre. The system also includes voicelift using handheld microphones to gain insight from the audience.

Meeting Room

Meeting Room

Whether you are quickly sharing ideas, or having small team meetings, the CS800 is a perfect addition to your meeting areas. Your staff and students can quickly collaborate, present content, and hold high quality video and audio calls, all with just a single USB-C connection.

Yamaha Soundcap Eye technology reduces external noise, so the system can also be used in open areas whilst still remaining clear and concise.



In break areas and other public areas, sometimes you need the ability to make announcements, or just to play some background media at certain times. This simple system idea could allow you to do this at minimal cost. There are of course many more advanced options depending on your requirements.



A larger space calls for a flexible and expandable system - all the tools that you need to create a custom solution for any size of venue. Here we have combined the ADECIA solution with the DM3 audio mixer, and some simple automation. The use of Dante networked audio means that it's incredibly easy to reconfigure your system for different events - or to scale up to include additional speakers or microphones.

The speaker system provides you with room-filling sound, whether you're making a presentation, playing media, or presenting a live performance of music or theatre.

Assembly Hall

Assembly Hall

Larger spaces and hybrid classes are simple to cater for if you use Yamaha technology - with solutions that easily scale to meet your needs in bigger venues.

For a hybrid class in an assembly hall, we have the ADECIA solution - with a range of microphone types to suit your requirements. Also here we show the versatile DM3 audio mixer, which is combined with a simple control solution to allow the focus to remain on teaching, not technology. The system can then be adapted to allow your space to be used for many different purposes.

Small Events

Small Events

There may be times where you need to do a presentation, or maybe even a small music recital. In these instances, a small portable PA system can be really useful. The STAGEPAS 1K system is both powerful and expandable, letting you express your creativity with less barriers. Simple controls, and quality sound make the STAGEPAS range your ideal companion for these types of events.

SoundCap Eye™ Technology

Check out how "SoundCap Eye™", works to distinguish and pickup voices vs. ambient noise utilizing the camera and audio technology.

Face Focus Beamforming

Check out how “Face Focus Beamforming” function brings the smooth collaboration even at an open and noisy environment.

ADECIA - Introduction

Learn more from Jenny, your guide through the ADECIA world.


With new and ever-changing communication requirements, one thing remains the same: the need for high-quality, worry-free audio for collaboration.


Learn different features and Compare RM-Wireless microphones to get the right microphones for your usage.

RM-TT auto voice tracking

Learn about microphone directivity options and auto voice tracking.

DM3 Series: Simply Do More

Take a guided tour of Yamaha's DM3: a new series of compact digital mixing consoles that simply let you do more!

VXL Series Speaker

VXL series slim line array speakers offer a unique combination of outstanding sound quality and slim form that is ideal for a variety of environments.

MTX/MRX MRX Overview

MTX/MRX series are designed primarily for multi-zone commercial installation and are equipped with flexible processing functions that are essential to a wide variety of application.


More Practical. More Professional. More Powerful


When it comes to portable live sound solutions, it doesn't get any better than STAGEPAS.


An introduction to ProVisionaire suite of system design, control and management software, which allows fully customisable configuration and operation of complex audio systems.

Other Solutions