Communication errors can be seriously problematic in facilities that handle public services, such as council chambers, city halls, and courthouses. Consequently, this makes clear audio absolutely essential for reliable communication in speech-oriented applications.

Yamaha has an extensive range of audio product lineups that can provide an optimal sound reinforcement system according to application, room size, and installation conditions. Through our decades-long experience in professional and commercial audio, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the demands and challenges that come with varying applications and sonic environments. For government facilities in particular, our products deliver state-of-the-art audio processing technology via a simple, user-friendly workflow that even allows operators with little to no audio experience achieve clear, noise-free audio even in large conference spaces.

State-of-the-art audio processing technology for smooth communication

Yamaha has developed a number of signal processing functions ideal for voice-related applications, such as Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC), which automatically suppresses feedback that can interfere with meetings, and Auto Mixer, which automatically adjusts the volume of multiple speakers, and eliminate unwanted noise. Our ProVisionaire dedicated software can also assist users in minimizing speech related problems via remote control of system parameters and configuration.

Flexible lineup covering spaces of all sizes, from input to output

Yamaha offers an extensive lineup of processors and speakers of varying capabilities and power, making it possible to configure the best possible sound system for your specific application. From small meeting spaces to large remote conferences, auditoriums, and council chambers, our impressive range of compatible products were designed to meet the needs of wide range of audio environments.

Advanced acoustic technology that prevents confidential information leaks

The need for confidentiality of private conversational information in facilities where personal information is handled is increasing year by year. Our MRX7-D Signal Processor features speech privacy technology that utilizes a special proprietary voice to camouflage conversational information and obscure the meaning of conversations. Highly effective at lower volumes, it helps to maintain confidentiality of information without compromising the comfort of a space.

Application Examples

1. Conferencing (Small)

Time is of the essence for meeting participants. The ADECIA Ceiling Solution, which automatically follows the person speaking, eliminates the preparation work required to accommodate layout changes or increased/decreased numbers of people, so that meetings can start smoothly.

2. Conferencing (Medium)

Multi-purpose conference rooms often undergo layout changes. The ADECIA Wireless Solution is the best choice for multipurpose meeting rooms subject to frequent layout changes. Microphones can be positioned as appropriate for the person speaking, allowing sound to be captured clearly.

3. Conferencing (Large)

It is very important that all participants hear the presenter clearly. A voice lift system can be flexibly adapted to a room with depth by installing additional ceiling speakers. So this system is suitable for large rooms where sound needs to be amplified.

4. Huddle Room

Ambient noise can interfere with meetings and lead to information leaks. The CS-500’s unique SoundCap Eye feature tracks the position and speech of participants to properly pick up sound. Natural teleconferencing can be achieved even in open spaces and other noisy environments.

5. Conferencing (Medium) with Speech Privacy System

If conferences are held at the same time in two adjacent conference rooms, there may be concerns about overhearing mutual conversations, which could distract conference attendees. This system utilizes the Speech Privacy function to prevent the content of conversations in the conference rooms from leaking into the corridor. At the same time, it also masks the content of meetings in neighboring conference rooms to provide a comfortable environment where attendees can concentrate on each meeting.

6. Hybrid Room

Even when dividing or merging multiple meeting rooms, the ADECIA Ceiling Solution automatically follows the person speaking, accommodating changes in room size and layout and allowing clear audio capture.

7. Cafeteria

This system is comprised of an MA2030a compact power amplifier connected to microphones for events and announcements, as well as audio playback devices for background music. For larger spaces requiring greater output levels, the system can be expanded easily by adding more speakers powered by a PA2030a amplifier. The volume controls of the two amplifiers can be interlocked and adjusted simultaneously, making it possible to control the entire system’s output level with a single adjustment. Adding a DCP1V4S wallmounted controller can provide even greater ease of operation and more convenient control of your system.

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