Live Venues

In order to accommodate a wide range of concerts and events that span multiple genres, sound systems in live music venues have to meet a similarly diverse range of demands beyond the requisite high power/ high quality sound reinforcement. System flexibility, reliability, and ease of operation are crucial for engineers tasked with executing consistent high-performance sound night after night despite the number of channels, tonal balance, dynamic range, and sound pressure levels varying greatly from event to event. As such, it can be quite daunting to select and configure a system that addresses these requirements, along with installation-related considerations such as venue size and capacity, power supply conditions, and overall budget. With Yamaha however, system owners are able to streamline the process of building the optimal sound system for their venue’s specific scale, budget, and applications by taking advantage of the technology and know-how we’ve cultivated through more than 50 years of developing, manufacturing, and selling acclaimed professional audio equipment. With our extensive lineups of compatible products and comprehensive support, it’s never been easier to create the perfect sound system for your live music venue.

Sonic purity

At Yamaha, we believe the best way to convey an artist’s expression to it’s fullest extent is to start with the purest reproduction possible at the input stage of their “sound”. By capturing every nuance of their vocal or instrumental performance with nothing added or subtracted, this natural foundation can then be honed and enhanced by the engineer and artist to shine in the final mix. Our digital mixing consoles and signal processors are equipped with state-of-the-art technology offering a comprehensive suite of premium effects and sound-shaping tools, while our expansive range of amplifiers and speakers deliver your mix with the clarity and power required to bring out the best performance in artists of all genres.

Intuitive operation

The intuitive operability of Yamaha’s audio equipment has garnered acclaim from engineers and artists all over the world earning the designation of “industry standards” for many of our products. Even users with minimal audio engineering experience can operate professional-level Yamaha gear making our lineups an obvious choice for artists, venues, and operators at every stage of live music performance.

A culture of reliability

In Yamaha's more than 50-year history of producing state-of-the-art audio products, reliability has always played a key role at every stage of their development. For live music performances and events especially, system malfunction of any sort simply isn’t an option, and equipment reliability can be the deciding factor for a live event’s success or failure. At Yamaha we are constantly responding to feedback from touring professionals and artists alike, and consistently re-evaluating and updating our product safety and security functions, as well as overall durability, to give our customers the type of worry-free operation they need in critical live environments.

1. Live Music (Small)

This sound reinforcement system is suitable for venues of up to several hundred people. Yamaha offers an extensive lineup of compact yet powerful products featuring comprehensive functions that can accommodate an impressive range of venue sizes, conditions, and applications allowing you to easily create cost-effective solutions according to your budget.

2. Live Music (Medium)

This system is suitable for venues with a capacity of around 1,000 audience members. Connectivity is simplified through the use of a stable industry standard audio network protocol. The premium sound quality and high-performance speakers deliver an SPL unimaginable for their diminutive size, and the compact yet multifunctional audio console capable of mixing even a large orchestra, realizes excellent acoustic performance, while also reducing operation and installation costs significantly.

3. Live Music (Large)

This system is designed for large outdoor venues with seating for over 5,000 people. The high quality, high power loudspeakers deliver consistent sound from the front to the rear of the venue, and the 288-channel mixing console can accommodate even the largest ensembles and orchestras. This sound reinforcement system is not only exceptional for sound quality and functionality, but also in ease of operation and system redundancy, providing critical reliability for performances where making mistakes are simply not an option.

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