The hospitality industry is a broad service industry based on the provision of accommodations and restaurant services to customers. Recently consumer needs have switched more from goods consumption to experiential purchases, and the hospitality industry has likewise started to place more importance on the quality of customer experience. For activities like traveling and eating out where patrons spend quality time with friends and family, the quality of service combined with the setting where the service is offered is what makes memorable experiences that are worth repeating. Many hotels and restaurants incorporate a variety of methods to invoke the atmosphere of their brand. Like lighting and aroma, sound also plays a vital role in creating the distinctive atmosphere of a space, and a high-quality sonic environment that helps to provide a vibrant, luxurious customer experience could be a deciding factor in repeat patronage.

Throughout Yamaha’s long, prolific history, we have pursued ideal sound in a wide range of fields, from designing and manufacturing an impressive range of musical instruments, professional audio equipment, home audio, and Bluetooth audio, to consulting for the acoustic design of concert halls. It is this unrivaled experience in creating such a wide array of high-quality music and audio products and services that will help you to create a memorable customer experience using the Yamaha sound solution that best suits your environment.

Compact high-quality speakers that complement their surroundings

Audio equipment that serves to enhance activities such as traveling and eating out shouldn’t interfere with the atmosphere or customers’ experiences in a space. Yamaha has adopted a uniquely utilitarian approach to speaker design that derives its aesthetic from the functionality of the speaker's construction so that every curve and corner serves a purpose sonically and stylistically. Their sound reflects the unique musical sensibility Yamaha has acquired over numerous decades of manufacturing industry-leading instruments, producing a uniquely appealing soundscape.

A wide range of audio and instrumental solutions to create your own signature soundscape

Yamaha has helped create sonic environments with a wide range of audio and music achieved through our long history, for home audio, background music, conferencing, event PA systems, and more. For example, adding automated grand piano performance to a hotel lobby’s background music can create a more spacious, elegant atmosphere. We also offer sound systems tailored to match the purpose of different spaces in hotels, such as conference rooms, banquet halls, and event venues.

Adopted by refined hotels and entertainment facilities

Yamaha audio solutions are not limited to background music alone. Our products are used for a wide range of entertainment purposes such as concert PA’s and 3D audio systems. Adopting this know-how in hospitality venues can make for a more special, enjoyable, and moving customer experience.

Check out our wide range of case studies to discover their potential.

Easy to install and set up

Yamaha audio equipment is designed to be safe and easy to set up, and minimize the workload required for installation. And thanks to our product’s flexible design and wide range of dedicated brackets and adapters, our products can be mounted on or embedded in ceilings or walls to suit the interior of a room. Some products in our lineups are also highly water resistant, making them ideal for a wider range of locations including outdoor environments.

Tools and data to help implementation

Yamaha provides a wide range of simulation tools and relevant data to help you build the optimal speaker system for your venue. For example CISSCA, a simulation software application that helps you select the optimal speakers from our extensive lineup, can quickly estimate the required number of speakers and simulate layout patterns; and NEXO NS-1, software with an intuitive UI that contributes to delivering uniform sound pressure in venues that include  large-scale equipment. In addition, we have access to a wide range of EASE, EASE Focus, and EASE Address data, and provide support for their implementation.

1. Lobby/Cafe/Garden

Yamaha’s extensive speaker lineup is capable of supporting a variety of spaces with different acoustic characteristics, such as table seating areas, counters, and terraces. Our background music solutions are highly expandable, making it possible to configure flexible systems centered around power amplifiers of varying levels of output, and a flexible range of speakers that can accommodate a wide range of environments, from quiet indoor spaces to lively open-air applications.

2. Restaurant/Bar

For spaces that can be divided into two zones, separate volume settings can be adjusted for each zone by disabling the volume syncing function between the MA2030a power amplifier and the PA2030a expansion amplifier. This allows customers to listen to background music at an ideal volume both in quiet environments, and spaces with more ambient noise such as a terrace.

3. Portable Live Sound

The STAGEPAS 600BT is ideal for band practices or intimate performances in smaller sized indoor or outdoor environments. This compact all-in-one sound system supports a variety of applications and features an intuitive interface that users with limited, or even no sound reinforcement experience can operate easily. Performers can even play background music or accompaniment via Bluetooth connection using smartphones or tablets.

4. Fitness

Driven by the XMV8280 multi-channel power amplifier, this system combines four VXS8 speakers mounted in each corner of the gym, with a VXS10S subwoofer to create an inspiring, motivational audio experience for gym goers. This setup supports low impedance performance, making full use of the VXS8’s—the largest speakers in the series— and the powerful low frequency reproduction of the VXS10S.

5. Meeting Room (Small)

Effective remote collaboration is achieved when even the passion of the speaker is conveyed. The CS-800’s unique SoundCap Eye feature tracks the position and speech of participants to properly capture sound. Natural teleconferencing can be achieved even in open spaces and other noisy environments.

6. Meeting Room (Medium)

Multi-purpose conference rooms often undergo layout changes. The ADECIA Tabletop Solution makes it easy to position microphones according to the number of participants and seats. Being PoE powered, there is no need to recharge the battery after the meeting.

7. Meeting Room (Large)

It is very important that all participants hear the presenter clearly. A voice lift system can be flexibly adapted to a room with depth by installing additional ceiling speakers. So this system is suitable for large rooms where sound needs to be amplified.

8. Banquet

Each room in this example is equipped with a VXL1-24 slim line array speaker to reproduce two wireless microphone signals and PC audio, while VXS8s installed in the ceiling provide additional sound output and clarity. VXS10S subwoofers are also ceiling-mounted to provide ideal low-frequency performance from audio playback sources. Users can control this simple setup conveniently via the ProVisionaire Touch tablet remote control app.

When integrated, the system consists of two stacked VXL1-24s as the main speakers, with VXS8s in the ceiling as auxiliary speakers, controlled from the QL1 digital mixer. The system changes are processed by the MRX7-D digital signal processor and controlled remotely from the ProVisionaire Touch.

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