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Recent years have seen a shift in consumer needs with focus trending away from simple product sales and more towards service-oriented, experiential consumption. As a result, retail stores have evolved beyond mere product display spaces, into immersive environments where customers can experience the world of the brand in a more impactful way. Stores function as valuable touchpoints with potential customers, inviting them into the brand's worldview and ultimately establishing long-term relationships with them. In order to make such a lasting impression, it is important to not only make attractive product displays, but to express the brand message through interior design and signage, as well as through high-quality background music that complements the aesthetic of the retail environment and matches the vision of the brand. Song selection is crucial to how the brand image is received, and requires speakers with the quality, performance, and design to capture every nuance of the music and reliably deliver a complementary audio experiences.

With a long and prolific history of pursuing ideal sound in an unmatched range of fields ranging from the manufacture of musical instruments and professional audio products, to the acoustic design of concert halls, Yamaha has garnered an unparalleled wealth of experience and knowledge that will give your Yamaha sound solution a significant edge, helping to create memorable customer experiences unique to your consumer environment.

Compact high-quality speakers that complement their environment

A sound solution plays a pivotal role in any retail environment by enhancing brand image, inspiring customers to buy, and most importantly, to return. High-quality speakers in particular are crucial to accurately capture and reproduce every element of your music selections, and as the most visible system components, should seamlessly blend in with, and complement your store’s aesthetic. Our speaker lineups exemplify this marriage of function and form, delivering crystal-clear high-resolution sound while providing an attractive accent with their stylish minimalist designs that can accommodate a variety of installation methods.

Easy to install and set up

Yamaha audio equipment is designed to be safe and easy to set up, and minimize the workload required for installation. And thanks to our product’s flexible design and wide range of dedicated brackets and adapters, our products can be mounted on or embedded in ceilings or walls to suit the interior of a room. Some products in our lineups are also highly water resistant, making them ideal for a wider range of locations including outdoor environments.

Tools and data to help implementation

Yamaha provides a wide range of simulation tools and relevant data to help you build the optimal speaker system for your venue. For example CISSCA, a simulation software application that helps you select the optimal speakers from our extensive lineup, can quickly estimate the required number of speakers and simulate layout patterns; and NEXO NS-1, software with an intuitive UI that contributes to delivering uniform sound pressure in venues that include largescale equipment. In addition, we have access to a wide range of EASE, EASE Focus, and EASE Address data, and provide support for their implementation.

Application Examples

1. Retail Store

This system features a music playback source connected to a compact PA2030a amplifier with the outputs connected to VXS1ML and VXS3S speakers, resulting in a well-balanced high performance background music system that contributes greatly to the overall atmosphere.

2. Multiple Zones and Floors

This system is able to deliver different background music to different zones or floors of a building. In addition to the individual music sources and volume levels set up for the first and second floor areas, source selection and volume level can be controlled from a conveniently located controller to reflect the products being displayed, number of customers in the store, or accommodate special events.

3. Paging and Public Announcements

If the serviced area is spread out over more zones, or if there are more speakers required per zone, an XMV series high-output, multi-channel power amplifier is the way to go. This single system can easily accommodate a large institutional store or shopping mall.

Our MTX5-D digital signal processor and PGM1 paging microphone can also be used for in-pavilion broadcasts.

4. In-store Live Event

For in-store performances and events, the all-in-one STAGEPAS 1K mkII is a portable PA system comprising a concert quality mixer and speaker that requires no speaker stand. The system’s simple interface and setup make it easy even for beginners to connect and mix microphones and instruments, or play back music from a smartphone via onboard Bluetooth functionality.

5. Event Stage

This sound reinforcement system is suitable for concerts or events with audiences of up to several hundred people. Yamaha offers an extensive lineup of compact yet powerful, multifunctional products for setups such as these, providing reliable, high-performance solutions in accordance to a range of space, budget, and application requirements.

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