Venova è un nuovo tipo di strumento con cui si può iniziare a suonare facilmente, producendo un reale suono di saxofono.

Breathe New Life Into Your Day

The new way to express your emotions

The Venova is a completely new type of wind instrument designed to enable anyone to learn to play with ease. Despite the simple fingering, it sounds just like a saxophone.

Explore where you play and how you feel

The compact, lightweight Venova is so easy to transport and maintain that you can enjoy it anywhere. Play the Venova at your favorite places to experience an unexpectedly fresh kind of freedom.


Yamaha Venova YVS-120 YVS-100

Innovation and creativity do not come about by accident. Without going into the technical details, the unique shape of the instrument, which produces the sound of a full-size saxophone with much less body, is the result of many years of research.



How to play the Venova


  • Yamaha Venova YVS-120 YVS-100

Set the reed and ligature.


  • Yamaha Venova YVS-120 YVS-100

Stand up straight and insert the reed into your mouth as if to bite it lightly with your upper front teeth.


  • Yamaha Venova YVS-120 YVS-100

Simply take a breath and blow into the instrument.


  • Yamaha Venova YVS-120 YVS-100

Change the pitch by using the similar fingering used to play a recorder.


Venova ha vinto il premio Good Design Grand Award

Venova ha vinto il premio Good Design Grand Award al concorso "Good Design Award 2017". E' la prima volta che Yamaha vince questo prestigioso premio ed è anche la prima volta che viene assegnato ad uno strumento musicale.

Design for Asia Award

Received a Grand Award with Special Mention 2018

German Design Award 2019

Received a German Design Award