YVC-330 Unified Communications Speakerphone

Trasforma sale conferenze, ambienti di lavoro open space e qualunque area dell'ufficio in un confortevole spazio per la comunicazione a distanza

YVC-330 Vivavoce per comunicazioni unificate

YVC-330 è un vivavoce USB e Bluetooth per ambienti di lavoro open space e sale conferenze di piccole e medie dimensioni. Grazie alla modalità SoundCap, è possibile trasformare silenziose sale conferenze, ambienti di lavoro open space rumorosi e qualunque area dell'ufficio in uno spazio confortevole per la comunicazione remota.

  • SoundCap technology allows for comfortable remote conversations no matter the environment
  • Small, lightweight design powered by USB brings portability to the office
  • Equipped with multiple, market-leading sound signal processing technologies to achieve enhanced communication
  • Three high-performance unidirectional microphones automatically track voice directions, enabling human voices to be focused on and picked up clearly
  • The sufficient maximum loudness (the maximum momentary loudness of 91 dB) and the broad frequency bandwidth for playback (190 - 20,000 Hz) enable stress-free communication
  • Two daisy-chained units can support about 10 participants in a meeting
  • “Plug-and-play” connectivity with driver-less USB, Bluetooth, NFC and audio in/out connection interfaces allow options for true flexibility
  • High compatibility with all UC applications
  • Sophisticated product design blends into any conference space
  • Simple and intuitive user interface

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